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Jan Hendrik's culinary journey, rooted in the heart of South Africa's Mpumalanga
province, reflects a deep connection to wholesomeness, sustainability, and wellbeing.
Nurtured by his mother and grandmothers in the kitchen he received a first Michelin star within three years of opening his celebrated restaurant on the French Riviera.

As an advocate for sustainability and the environment, Jan Hendrik proudly serves as
an ambassador for the WWF, solidifying his commitment to reducing waste in the food
and hospitality industry. His restaurants have captivated guests with their use of local and foraged ingredients, epicurean delights, embrace of eco-conscious practices and personal storytelling.

During his exclusive residency at Datu he will collaborate with our Ayurvedic chefs to create a one of a kind dining experience for those guests fortunate enough to be on retreat at the same time.


Discover more about Jan here or on Instagram


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