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Gaja’s interest in Ayurveda is deep rooted in her history as a patient who has overcome several health problems with the aid of this ancient medicine and science of life.

After an enlightening travel to Sri Lanka in 2015, where Gaja experienced living in a Theravada monastery on the outskirts of Kandy and spent time in a small clinique receiving Ayurveda treatments, she realised her Dharma was helping others to heal through the wisdom of Ayurveda and the deep connection with Nature we all have. Gaja’s eagerness to learn has brought her to study in Kerala and specialise in Panchakarma therapies in Thrissur with the famous Prof. Narayanan Nambi.

He represents the rich lineage of the Alathiyoor Nambi family of the Ashtavaidyas, the great traditional families of India, which boast a centuries-old tradition.


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