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Bonjour, I am Jules, your Hospitality Specialist. With a rich heritage in hospitality from growing up in my family’s hotel in Perpignan, I refined my skills with a Bachelor's degree from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. My professional journey spans esteemed establishments such as La Réserve in Paris, Dubai Royal Mirage, and Royal Savoy in Lausanne, where I developed a keen eye for detail, discretion, and exceptional service.


At our exquisite property in Tuscany, I oversee operations, coordinate our dedicated staff, and ensure the utmost well-being of our guests. I also take pride in creating unique dining experiences that celebrate the rich culinary traditions of our beautiful surroundings. Additionally, I am dedicated to developing and enhancing the activities of Datu Wellness, providing enriching and rejuvenating experiences for all.


Join us in Tuscany and allow me to share with you a sanctuary of peace, comfort, and extraordinary service. Here, every detail is thoughtfully curated to offer you a retreat like no other.


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