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After Swiss medical school Therese spent some years in research at Harvard and Zürich before receiving her degree in psychiatry and psychotherapy. During 30 years of running a private practice, she shifted from psychoanalysis towards therapies with emotional release. For the past 20 years she has focused on an integrated approach of Ayurveda, Yoga and western Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology. 


When it became time to end the intensive phase of offering her own mountain retreats in Switzerland, Therese started to experiment and investigate combinations of breath work, psychoactive plants with psychotherapy and eventually became interested in Human Design. This last passion has stayed with her well into her retirement. 


Human Design is a complex tool rooted in ancient wisdoms of east and west. It not only offers insights into the way we are individually „programmed“ as human beings but provides many practical suggestions how to live a life in accordance to how we are specifically meant to be. This hopefully leads to more satisfaction, success and better health. 


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