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Guest Reviews

Stella Photi | London

My heart is open. So much gratitude and love. It feels a little overwhelming as I am emotional.  Sitting next to a lady with a baby on the plane and tears were streaming down my face with emotion for this beautiful baby and the way his mother and he looked at each other. It genuinely touched my soul. I close my eyes and see light within me. Not sure if this is because my lack of sleep has made me over sensitive but I feel so much compassion. I’m sure that the Datu team helped me crack open further my heart chakra. They all played their part in this. From the love given to the preparation and serving of the food, to the talented and caring practitioners and therapists. And you who brought them all together and created the idea. This is clearly your purpose at this point in your life.


All the satsangs have been interesting but yesterdays session with Suyash resonated so deeply with me. His wisdom and humility touched my soul and gave me reminders that are so pertinent in this present life journey of mine. It felt visceral. I have only felt this twice before on retreat in my almost twenty years in this industry.


Congratulations to all of you and thank you from my heart for helping me to reconnect with the most important part of myself.

Martha | London

Condé Nast Journalist


...what a very magical thing it is that you have created with Datu.


It genuinely was a very special experience, and you have curated a really interesting and exceptional group of practitioners to offer something that not many people offer. The set up was great, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was lovely. You were nothing but a total delight and nothing was ever too much to ask whatever it was, or from whomever. That really is remarkable to be able to be so calm and kind and present when you have so much going on and a hotel full of demanding guests. You represented such calmness.


Onto the guests, what a truly lovely lovely gathering of people; again, a reflection on you as they truly were all very wonderful people, and the fact that I want 3 people’s phone number is testament to that! 

Be proud of what you have created, it is no easy feat to do, let alone actually execute.

Catherine | Luxembourg

Dear Datu Team,

I warmly want to thank you with all my heart to have taken care of my parents with so much detail and love. 

My mother comes back filled with good memories and her heart shines bright and my farther is physically weak but i can see positive changes as well.
Both are extremely thankful for the experience they got to make with your lovely practitioners, yogi’s and doctors and also the special attention from Constantin.
So again, thank you, thank you so much!

I wish you great success with your project and hope you can support many more people on their journey.

Kind regards,

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