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Datu Wellness Retreat

Our Story

How Datu came into being

"When you want something,

all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

Paulo Coelho

Personal experiences of upheaval, adventures, new beginnings and the search for inner peace are what brought the team behind Datu together.


Each of us embarked on individual journeys in search of healing, grounding, purification, purpose and guidance and were blessed to encounter the profound spiritual and healing traditions of the East. This personal growth was facilitated by wise, gentle and experienced practitioners who embody integrity, humility and effectiveness like few others. These wonderful experts are now coming to Europe for the first time to care for your wellbeing at our retreats.


Observing the widespread adaptation of elements from ancient Eastern wisdom in Western studios, such as Yoga asana, breathwork, meditation or mindfulness, we realised that people worldwide seek similar answers and remedies that we have been fortunate to discover.


Driven by our core values of sharing, caring and serving, we are committed to bringing access to this wisdom with those who are unable to travel long distances to Asia or would prefer a place closer to home.


Physical and mental wellbeing is paramount to leading a more balanced life but is often deprioritised in a demanding Western lifestyle. Our retreats provide the ideal environment and guidance to nurture the harmonious union of body, mind and soul known as Yog.​


Merging Eastern and Western perspectives, our team embraces a familial ethos, inviting you to join our Datu community, where you can find support, belonging and wellbeing.

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