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1. How can I book a retreat?

Please complete our booking form. Please note that we offer new availability on a first-come, first-served basis, which we keep reserved for 48 hours before offering it to the next person on the waitlist. To secure your place, we only require you to pay the deposit.

2. Do I need any experience to join?

No prior experience of Ayurveda, Yoga or attending wellness retreats is necessary. Datu welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, from wellness beginners to advanced yogis. All we ask is that you arrive with an open heart and a commitment to your wellbeing journey.

3. Is there anything I need to prepare for my retreat?

There's no specific preparation required. You become what you surround yourself with — so you may consider reflecting on your intentions or what might bother you, and bringing a book that promotes relaxation and positivity. Our female guests are welcome to join at any point of their cycle. We do however ask that you kindly contact us before booking if you are pregnant.


4. How long are the stays?

Our standard stays are one week long. This duration allows you to experience the full effects of the retreat and a calm transition into your routine. You are of course welcome to stay longer, for a more comprehensive Ayurvedic treatment or create a bespoke stay for a group, special occasion or an off-site. Should this be of interest, please contact us to discuss the best option for you. 

Under exceptional circumstances, some guests cannot stay for the whole week. In such instances, remaining availability is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please sign up to our newsletter for availability updates, or contact us directly.​ If you have any additional questions about retreat schedules, please contact us to discuss what’s possible.

5. How much does the retreat cost?

Retreats start from £1,850 per person in a double room for a 7-night stay. This includes your Ayurvedic consultations with our Vaidyas, 5 private sessions with our practitioners, daily group classes (5+/day), nutritious meals, retreat wear and a gift bag to take home. We also offer subsidised stays for those in need. Please contact us directly for more information on these.


6. What is included in the retreat package?

Your retreat package includes:

Ayurvedic wellbeing consultations with one of our experienced Vaidyas to assess and discuss your individual needs and goals

A personalised, comprehensive daily retreat programme featuring yoga asana, meditation, breathwork, chanting, cuisine lessons, nature activities, inspiring talks and more

5 private sessions per guest tailored to enhance your wellbeing journey

Daily meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, served in our restaurant

Guilt-free snacks, water and tea provided throughout the day

Comfortable, natural retreat attire provided in your room for the duration of your stay

A gift bag with wonderful items to extend your wellbeing back at home

7. Should I come alone or may I come with someone?

Datu retreats offer an opportunity for both solo travellers and those coming with a companion. We also create tailor-made retreats for groups, off-sites or special occasions. It's entirely up to you and your preferences. If you would like to come with a group or a companion animal, please contact us.

8. Are children allowed to participate?

Children aged 16 and above are welcome to join the retreat when accompanied by an adult.

9. What about connectivity and internet access?

For a more immersive experience and to reap the maximum benefits, we recommend disconnecting from gadgets and enjoying a digital detox during your stay. Nonetheless, if you require WiFi access, it will be available to you so you can work from home whilst enjoying Datu.


10. Are drinking and smoking allowed during the retreat?

We encourage a healthy lifestyle and guests have found that abstinence from stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine vastly enhances their health benefits and overall experience.

11. Can the retreat accommodate dietary and/or medical requirements?

Our delicious sattvic fusion cuisine already incorporates many contemporary dietary preferences. But please do inform us in advance of any dietary or medical requirements. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please also bear in mind we are not a medical facility.

Ayurveda retreat in Tuscany

12. What is the weather like and what should I pack?

The weather in our retreat locations can vary, so it's advisable to check the forecast before packing. We provide guests with comfortable retreat wear during their stay. Additionally, we recommend packing clothing suitable for wellness activities and outdoor exploration as well as something warm. Swimwear is required for the thermal hot springs  and our outdoor pool.

13. How do I get there?

13. How do I get there?

The nearest airports for our next retreat are Florence or Pisa — with Rome a little further afield. Airport transfers from Florence and Pisa are included in your retreat package.

The nearest airport for our next retreat is Florence — with Rome and Pisa a little further afield.

We are happy to help arrange the airport transfers for you.

14. What is your cancellation policy?

To secure your reservation, a 50% non-refundable payment is required with the booking. The remainder is due one month prior to the opening of the retreat. We understand that plans can change and, if necessary, date changes are possible, if we can accommodate them. We recommend taking out comprehensive travel insurance and reaching out to us directly if you have additional concerns or inquiries regarding cancellations, changes or payments.

15. Who made your beautiful videos?

Our films were made by Emanuel Finckenstein who you can follow on Instagram or visit his website

Samuel Mansell at Drop All Words Media edited the Team and Guest films.

We are very grateful to have such talented friends.

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