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Lekhan first became interested in massage when working at the Windflower Resort of Mysore in 2008, completing his Ayurveda Therapist Training. Since then, he has dedicated his entire working career to Ayurvedic massage treatments, specifically for the yogic community. He eventually started his own massage center in the heart of Lakshmipuram, Mysore, focusing on Ayurvedic treatments for both yoga practitioners and the local residents, Furthermore, he has organized massage courses teaching techniques to the international community. 

Lekhan was invited to work as a visiting Ayurvedic Therapist in Thailand in 2013 and 2014 at the Atsumi Retreat Healing Center in Phuket and then in Goa in 2020 at Purple Valley Yoga Centre.Moreover, he had a great opportunity to work with Dr. Rob Lamport at Mysore Gonstead Chiropractic + Wellness. In 2021 he moved his massage center to Gokulam, in Mysore where he currently offers his treatments. 

Over the years, Lekhan has treated hundreds of people not just for deep relaxation but for all manners of injuries, allowing him to develop a unique style of deep tissue healing massage. Lekhan's wealth of experience has been invaluable to practitioners who come to him year after year for corrective treatment, relaxation, and overall general wellness.


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